About the Campaign.

How often do you get a plastic straw with your drink that you didn't ask for and you don't need? 

Plastic straws end up in our seas, suffocating wildlife and polluting beaches. Many of us don't need plastic straws and there are biodegradable alternatives for those who do. 

Plastic straws are contributing to the rise in plastic litter in our seas. More and more pubs are choosing not to give out plastic straws, unless it is requested, but we need to do more. 

Most of the litter on our beaches is made of plastic, as the volunteers at this year's Great British Clean Up discovered. Across the world, Greenpeace reckon that a whopping 12.7m tonnes of plastic ends up in our seas. 

But that litter is coming from human activity on land - from all the plastics we throw away every single day. It is easy to forget when you're eating and drinking food on-the-go in the middle of a town, that it could end up in the ocean. It suffocates, starves and injures seabirds and sea creatures. 

So, to protect our beautiful coastline, our wealth of sea life and rid Scotland's seas of plastic straws, sign the petition today! 

The petition calls on 
  • Businesses to stop giving out plastic straws unless it is requested and make sure its a biodegradable straw.
  • Customers to say no to the unnecessary plastic straws in drinks. 
  • UK and Scottish Governments to ban plastic straws in Scotland.
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